The Selfishness of it All.

I just read a blog post about how suicide isn’t selfish ( The author kept saying it wasn’t but then would continue on and describe the reasons why people choose it and describe selfishness. It’s a great read and if you’re also one that’s been left behind in the brokenness you’ll completely relate. Especially the thoughts of what ifs.
But suicide is selfish. It’s choosing a final escape one that there’s no going back from.
The thing is, the word “selfish” is an ugly word and I can understand why people wouldn’t want to use it to describe someone who gave in and gave up the fight. I understand especially because the ones that I love that have attempted or succeeded in committing suicide were and are the absolute opposite of selfish. They live/lived for everyone else. They didn’t (the survivor now knows) know how to say no and take things for themselves when they needed it.
Selfish isn’t always a bad way to describe someone. We need to be selfish in some ways or we all won’t survive. We need to be selfish and share our pains because “putting our burdens on someone else” means we aren’t carrying them alone. It’s not an easy choice because sometimes we may hear what we don’t want to hear. We may hear harsh truths. We may hear pretty lies. Or we may get the comfort and light that can lead to the end of a dark tunnel.
So, you, YOU who is battling in the dark where not even a tiny pin of light shines on your battle. Be selfish, but do so in a way that’s harder than ever. Show your weakness. Share your hurts. It’ll surprise you how much you’re not alone and how much those you need forgiveness from will gladly give it. It’ll surprise you how the light will burst forth when you share the hurt of in forgiveness that you’re holding.
When you don’t want to reach out the most, let that be your sign that you need to the most at that very moment.
devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.
characterized by or manifesting concern or care only for oneself:
selfish motives.

When you choose something that will be beneficial to yourself, that is categorized under selfish.
My thinking on this may be black and white. If it’s not selfless it is selfish.
The fact that people are making suicides into a selfless act makes me sick to my stomach. NO ONE WANTS ANYONE TO KILL THEMSELVES. That’s sick.


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