Finding Dr. Right

Since moving we are having to start all over with finding doctors/pediatricians/medical professionals. This is proving to be more daunting than I ever thought possible. We totally hit the jackpot with our pediatrician and he is AWESOME! An adult person’s doctor however… well…
I prefer a medical professional that looks at all angles of medicine. Natural and modern. I believe strongly that what we eat and drink can make a massive difference in the way our body works. That just makes sense to me. So I want a doctor/medical pro who looks at the food and vitamin and natural ways.
A few weeks ago my tonsils showed outward signs of strep throat (those disgusting little white spots) but my throat didn’t hurt. I’d been having (AM having) problems with exhaustion, migraines, and random bouts of nausea so I decided that I should start looking officially. I found a proclaimed naturopath who also worked in modern medicine (oddly hard to find, cause modern medicine hasn’t helped natural medicine ever 😐 HAHAHA!!!) and set up an appointment. When I went in the nurse did the throat culture that makes you want to bite and vomit on them (poor nurses!!!) and checked my temp and all that. When I went in and talked with the LNP she discussed how my thyroid was probably causing problems and that I would probably need to be on meds for it. Uhhh, ok, so does that cause migraines? No. Would that cause my throat stuff? No. But it can cause exhaustion. Does that cause nausea? No. Oh well then my thyroid must be the problem! So upon my request of asking about other various things (iron levels, and vitamin levels) she sent me off to have all the blood drained from my body (lost count of the vials) to test for my requests and her thyroid decision.
Today I went back and she solved all of the problems that I went to see her with (read NONE). She gave me a prescription for thyroid meds even after telling me that by every other medical professional standard my thyroid levels are normal. And recommended I start taking iron supplements, vitamin D and vitamin B, as they were all very low. So, I was right about my suggestions and she was… uhhhh right about hers :-/ yeah. Also, I was right and I don’t have strep. She didn’t bother to look into that any further even though I told her that it is still bothering me with irritation but no spots. She’s full coverage here people!
So basically I went in to a salon to be seen about my hair color, a hair cut, and some lashes done and came out with my toenails clipped because by her standards my toenails are too long.
Ugh. I paid for that. Why is it so hard to find a dr that will listen and actually do the work. Really missing the amazing Dr. Stringer!!! That woman is more precious and rare than anything on this earth!


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