Hello, this is awkward. Thanks! Bye! Uh you too! Yeah. Bye! Oh, ok, bye.

The last time I enjoyed talking on the phone all the time I was in middle school. I’m pretty sure that the ONLY reason I enjoyed it so much was because I wasn’t supposed to and had a daily time-limit of 15 minutes for phone. It was the forbidden fruit!
With texting I have begun to dread talking on the phone even more. When my phone rings and I look at the number or name of who is calling it’s so rare that the thought of “YAY! I get to talk on the phone!!” happens. It’s always, ‘uggggggghhhhhhh I have to take this’ because it’s child related or something important.
I’ve started noticing that it’s not just me that finds ending the phone call insanely awkward. Can someone please tell me how to end a conversation?! How did I forget this piece of knowledge? It’s always obvious that we are all done talking but we are both trying to be polite and end up dragging the conversation on for far longer than necessary and suddenly I’m in a nursing home still having this crazy awkward conversation.
Can everyone just text now? It’s way nicer and easier to end or even pause the conversation and more often than not, with text I can actually understand what you’re saying. With small children they’re either yelling and screaming, throwing throat punches and pulling hair trying to get to the phone while I(!!!!) am talking, or it’s the coveted nap time when peace and quiet SHOULD be reigning. Seriously. You mess with this and I will cut you. I’m talking to YOU UPS MAN!!!!!!!!!! Your knock is FAR louder than necessary. They can hear you in china for crying out loud!!!!!!!!
Anyways! Phone calls. Awkward right?


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