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Language Problem

I have a language problem. Some call it French, others call it foul. I don’t know how it happened.
Before having children I said MAYBE 20 cuss words my entire life. Most of them were said when I was about 9 years old on a playground to show I was “cool” HAHAHAHAHA!!! Cussing wasn’t apart of my life.
I’ve heard some say that cussing is a sign of a “lack of intelligence”, that if you resort to cussing it’s because your brain doesn’t have enough in it to convey yourself in a more appropriate manner. That totally makes sense! Before having children I had a fully functioning brain that got plenty of sleep and worked on ALMOST all cylinders. Now, I’m lucky if I remember my own name and have my clothes on right side out. (Side note: I once wore my pants inside out two days in a row. Cause pants don’t get dirty.) It’s only logical now since my brain is much like oatmeal that’s sat out for days on end that the only words left in my head are those from my 3rd grade year on the playground.
I don’t mean to cuss. It just pops out and always seems very appropriate for describing things or situations. I’m rarely in public situations anymore but so far I’ve kept the words in when I am.
Now we come to the part that I’ve wondered about for many years. Who decided that cuss words were bad? Who said $#!t was a foul word for poop? I know f_ck came from Fornication Under Command of the King. Really, how is that bad? That’s more an inconvenience than bad. Or was it not with your spouse that you were fornicating with? Hmm…
Anyways! There are so many words that shock and make others indignant or horrified. Who decided that those words were to be that way? They’re not the same words in every language. In fact, not that these are curse words, I discovered recently that “get” and “killing” meant “goat” and “kid” in Swedish. (? Shoot now I can’t remember for certain what language it was.) However, $#!t is “skit” in Swedish, so when you go to church functions and they perform a “skit” on stage… well… be SHOCKED and HORRIFIED!!
Skit knulla to you all. LOL!!!! Please pray for my foul mouth!!!