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The Dating Game

Today my husband, of 13(!!!) years on Monday, and I went on a date to celebrate our anniversary. We hadn’t been on one in about 6 months but we SPLURGED (HA! HA!) and got a sitter and went to a movie (at the $1.25 theater LOL!).
With the discovery that we CAN get a sitter and go on a date for LESS than $50.00 we will most likely be doing this more often. We sat in a room that smelled of a public restroom after someone has taken a poo and watched Maleficent. It was awesome! Minus the slight poop smell, I mean it’s a $1.25 theater, I was excited we didn’t stick to the floor and didn’t have a child screaming bloody murder or trying to climb to the very top of our heads. It was romantic! When you get approximately one date per year, your expectations are very simple.
We held hands and snuggled… well it was almost a threesome considering the armrest in-between wouldn’t move HAHA! He opened the doors for me and we both generally kept looking at each other as if we just got married.
After, as I drove our sitter home I reminisced (as she absently replied with “uh huh” and gazed out the window with a look that said ‘ok you can stop now’ LOL) about how I first fell for my love. I never believed anyone who told me “just wait, you’ll know” when it came to “THE ONE” I would marry. I thought, that’s just how it happened for them, it won’t be like that for me. And then I imagined that a few too many boys were THE ONE (SQUEEEE!!!!). Only to be sorely(!!!) disappointed when I discovered they were very much NOT “the one” and they came crashing down from the pedestal I had placed them.
When I saw my ONE it was a crash or a boom or the earth stood still, though it did move slower and things sort of faded away while my spirit kind of turned my head to him. It was a “hmmm” type of feeling. It was as if everything in me calmed and settled knowing he was who God meant for me. I was very young (19!!!) and definitely not a calm personality type so that was a pretty big deal. I fought the thought that would pick at me saying “you’re going to marry him” because I never imagined myself married. Single parent- yes, married- no. I had déjà vú more often than ever and still fought it. As I prayed for God to make the dreams stop so I could focus on what I needed to I had “daydreams” or visions of our wedding. I had dreams of our daughter and our life together far into the future. It freaked me out! I talked to women I trusted, leaders, (total of 3) in hopes that our conversations would bring me back to what I was SURE was reality, a reality that said I wasn’t going to marry him. It wasn’t that I didn’t like him, it was that it was too freaky to think of marriage at nineTEEN years old.
After dating him for awhile I became more settled about the whole marriage thing but never told him until after we married about my dreams and visions. I mean, seriously, that’s freaky whacko stuff right?!
Today he is still the man who makes my heart flip flip and slow roll. When he holds me in his arms I feel like everything is at peace in this world. I miss him when he’s at work. I love laughing with him. The best sound in the world is him playing with our children and hearing them all laugh (some more hysterically than others). He is in every sense, the very man of my dreams.
May you all be so blessed to find your ONE at such a freaky whacko young age!