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Nosey Nellies.

I have an odd habit. I have started to randomly flip the bird/give the finger to windows and camera lenses. This started about a year and a few months ago. I swear I’m a nice person.
When we first moved here to Utah we had a couple of neighbors who told us which windows they could see into and how they could hear us. It left me going “what… why are you telling me this? Is this a warning that you can’t control yourself from being a peeping Tom?” So in my irritation with the fact that I either had to lock up for the apocalypse or endure nosey nellies I began to randomly give my windows the finger.
Now, armed with the knowledge that many apps on my phone will randomly use my camera and take photos for their benefit and without my explicit consent, I also flip my phone off pretty regularly. I also make sure that if my lens is uncovered I should at least make it worth their while and give them pictures they wish they’d never seen, in hopes that they won’t bother using my camera.
I consider this logical and completely sane behavior. Are you a peeper? Say hello to my lil frien!!! I call him Stanly.